Aero Info provides initial provisioning support as well as avionics shop test equipment for many airlines around the world. We manufacture, evaluate, calibrate, troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair Boeing as well as customer-designed ground support equipment (GSE). Our military support covers a wide range of aircraft types as well as non-aircraft electronic manufacturing for the U.S. Air Force and other major military contractors. 

We have the capabilities and resources to perform most phases of evaluation, customization, manufacturing, assembly, test and calibration to ensure the best possible quality, delivery, price, service and support.

Customized Design

We offer build-to-print manufacturing of short-run and production test equipment and tools, as well as the ability to do prototyping. We can customize and modify products and tool designs to meet your specific needs.

Calibrations & Certifications

We have complete test, repair and calibration facilities as well as custom solutions. We can do your calibrations and certifications on any Boeing-designed tool requiring a certification whether we manufactured it or not. 

Repairs & Upgrades