Position Transmitter Test Set "Bird Box"

The Position Transmitter Test Set, also called the “Bird Box,” is a small portable piece of test equipment designed to rig and troubleshoot various electronic flight control systems such as the spoiler command unit, power control unit, elevators, throttle level angle (TLA) resolvers, autopilot servos, etc. The Bird Box can be used on virtually any commercial aircraft including Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas. Due to its design features and capabilities, the Bird Box eliminates the need to have additional pieces of expensive test equipment, saving over half the cost of conventional methods. It’s versatility and user-friendly features provide the ability to meet all your rigging test needs.  

  • Autopilot Servo

  • Throttle Lever Angle

  • Power Control Units

  • Elevators

  • Laterals

  • Speed Break Levers

  • Spoiler Actuators

  • & many more

  • Lab Testing

  • Field Testing

  • RVDT/LVDT Testing

  • Phase Null Testing

  • Angle Measurement

  • Speed Break Levers


  • Variable Amplitude Control

  • Selectable Loads

  • Selectable Degree format

  • Variable Frequency Control

  • Universal Power

  • Large backlit LCD display

  • Multiple display features

  • Small and portable