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ground support equipment
Boeing GSE Licensed Supplier for aircraft maintenance
Aero Info, Inc.
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21115 Longeway Road, #A, Sonora, CA 95370

Tel: 209-533-2868
Fax: 209-536-0497

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Mechanical, Engine-Handling and Electronic
Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Aero Info designs, manufactures and markets aviation / aerospace electronic, mechanical and engine handling ground support equipment and tooling for commercial and military jet aircraft. We are licensed by Boeing and have been providing excellent Customer Service since 1970.
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Our capabilities include design and manufacture of avionic shop/bench test, in-flight test and line maintenance electronic/electro-mechanical test equipment both analog and digital. In addition, we also provide test, repair and re-calibration services for all Boeing products.

Products and Services
Aero Info, Inc. manufactures a product designed to reduce the time it takes to perform heavy maintenance checks on 747-400 airplanes. This device is called the Aircraft Digital Maintenance Information Terminal (ADMIT).

Aero Info is currently providing initial provisioning support as well as avionics shop test equipment for many airlines around the world. Our years of experience in manufacturing and design has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Our military support covers a wide range of aircraft types as well as non-aircraft electronic manufacturing for the Air Force and other major military contractors

We offer a product (the Position Transmitter Test Set, Model PTTS 892B) that provides a very cost-effective way of reducing maintenance costs on all commercial aircraft types that utilize LVDT's, RVDT Synchros and Resolvers for flight control rigging systems. This product is approved for use on 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777 aircraft types. The airline customer has the option of developing their own adapter cables "in-house" to adapt the test on all of the aircraft types in its fleet.

We offer the highest quality products and services possible. Our years of experience has proven that technical excellence and dedication to personal service are a winning combination.

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Testimonials - "No one should be without a DAD!"

"This letter is to let you know how pleased we are at Centennial Airport (KAPA) with the Density Altitude Displays (DAD) you sold us."

As you know, we purchased two unit for our parallel north-south runways but because of the positive response from pilots, we acquired a solar-powered DAD for our crosswind runway as well. >More

21115 Longeway Road, #A, Sonora, CA 95370

Tel: 209-533-2868
Fax: 209-536-0497


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